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to advance the
State-of-the-Art of
investigations, through
investigation process

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Launched Aug 26 1996.




The purpose of this section is to provide a focused marketplace where researchers with ideas can get together with each other and with research sponsors to advance the state of the art of investigations. .

Notice: Application for password access must be completed
before the restricted sections can be accessed.


I. Unrestricted areas

  • Personnel Appointments
  • Announcement of Awards

II. Restricted areas

  1. Project help wanted
  2. Qualification notices
  3. Meeting at meetings
  4. Coauthor invitations
  5. Opportunities for sponsors
  6. Researcher address list

III. Access to restricted areas

Summary descriptions of each section.

A. Project help wanted notices
Contains messages about

  1. Current or prospective projects for which expertise is being sought to participate in proposal and project

    Anybody out there interested in a project to explore the research basis for current major investigation programs?
    L Benner

  2. Existing projects for which expertise is being sought to work on the project
  3. Other needs for investigation process research projects <

B. Investigation research qualifications
Contains messages about

  1. Expressions of interest in joining with others to work on a project
  2. Statement of qualifications/CV to alert other researchers to capabilities that they might need in future. With the Internet, geography is no significant impediment to collaboration on research projects.
  3. Meetings-at-meetings messages

C. Meeting and conference attendance notices
Contains messages advising of conference attendance and the potential for personal meetings among individuals with specific common interests in a research arena, data sources or observers, interpretations, feedback or similar focused discussions

D. Coauthor invitations
Contains notices about books, papers or other "works" for which author is seeking coauthor or coauthors, special skills like illustrators, editors, etc., or contributors or other participating or supporting roles

E. Sponsor/Cosponsor invitations
Contains notices about potential projects and concepts which might provide opportunities for sponsoring organizations to support. Would include white papers, decision papers, or summaries of proposals by investigation researchers. Inputs from registered participants. Accessible only to potential sponsors (to minimize any risk of misappropriation of ideas.).

F. Researcher address list
A list of email addresses for investigation researchers and supporters who wish to be placed on the list.

III. Access to restricted sections

Passwords are required from Webmaster

If you have a desire to participate in this section, you must be able to demonstrate that you are a bona fide investigation researcher. Contact the Webmaster for more information about how to qualify. As soon as a small number of researchers sign on, we plan to approach potential investigation research Sponsors/Cosponsors informing them of this site..

Allow 1 week after receipt of personal data for initial clearance by IPRR advisory panel. Review policy is to be liberal in granting researchers access to this section