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1 If you can't flow chart it, you don't understand it.
W Johnson
2Everyone and everything always have to be someplace, doing something, during an occurrence.
L Benner

3Always expect everyone to act in what they perceive to be their own best interests, and you'll never be disappointed.

W G Meeker

4Change is the Mother of twins: Progress and Trouble.
W Johnson
5Things react predictably without thinking during occurrences and tell all ---- but only if you can "read" what they "say."!

L Benner, derived from observations

6Observer (witness) has it; you need it; and observer (witness) doesn't have to give it to you.

L Benner, derived from experience

7No test plan, no test!

L Benner, derived from experience

8Abstractions cover up poor investigations.

derived from S.I Hayakawa

9Experienced judgment recycles yesterday's problems.

derived from W. Johnson

10 Alleged "cause(s)" or cause factors, root causes, proximate causes or other causes of an occurrence mask illusions of knowledge.

derived from D. Boorstein