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investigation process

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This is an experimental site that is evolving as we get suggestions from users. PLEASE,let us have the benefit of your views and experiences, by taking a moment to fill in the Visitor Log form.


This site is dynamic, updated about monthly depending on the availability of new data of interest to the investigation research community. Please help that community by bringing materials that should be posted to the attention of the Webmaster, and also by reporting any defective links to the Webmaster. Contact me by clicking on the "E-mail comments to Webmaster" link at the top of each page. If you encounter any NOT FOUND results when you click on a link, please E-mail me the page name that shows up on the screen across the top of the file in the title bar or window. Thanks! L Benner

New Assistance for Investigation Researchers

  Interest has been expressed in providing a pre-publication peer review mechanism for authors intending to publish work about investigation process research or related research that could advance the state of the art of investigation processes. Reviewers qualified by academic or investigation experience have agreed to review works for this purpose. Should you wish to have a draft paper reviewed by experienced peers, the Webmaster will require a confidential draft copy of the paper. All communications will be handled confidentially by e-mail, including the exchanges of the draft papers and comments. Once published, the papers can be posted on this site, or links to the papers if published elsewhere will be provided to IPRR visitors. Contact the Webmaster to submit paper for review or more information.


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