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to advance the
State-of-the-Art of
investigations, through
investigation process

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Launched Aug 26 1996.


Every visitor to this site is invited to sign the visitor log


    The IPRR is an open web site where everyone interested in investigation improvement is welcome. That includes Lurkers - visitors who BROWSE the posted materials at this site but don't every comment or contribute anything. Lurkers are welcome if they can use any of the information here, but IF THEY USE ANYTHING, CREDIT for the author and site MUST ACCOMPANY ANY USE. If you desire notices of new postings every month or so make your desires know to the Administrator. Visitors should feel free to submit comments about their visit via the Visitor Log


    Supporters are visitors who would like to make their views known during discussions about the site, postings or anything about the state of the art of investigation processes, what is needed, and what is proposed or tried. If you want to be a supporter, let me know by e-mai.


    Contributors are supporters who contribute materials or recommend materials for posting at this site.

    Starting in the year 2000, Contributors are eligible to be nominated for the occasional IPRR Baker Street Irregulars Award, bestowed by the Site Advisory Board members, for making a significant contribution to the advancement of state of the art of investigation, with all the rewards that bestows - possible fame, fortune, peer respect and admiration, free lunches and invitations for papers, warm fuzzy feelings, and who knows what else.

    Contributors who actually make contributions to active investigation process research projects will be recognized on the Contributor List page.


    Please focus on investigating investigations. Contributions might be

    • a paper that other investigation researchers should read,

    • candidates to add to the Issues and challenges section,

    • reports of your own proposed or ongoing research,

    • somebody else's work to add to the research projects list or library

    • messages or papers describing your experiences trying to apply new ideas or research findings - or ways you overcame needs during specific investigations, or

    • resources such as internet sites, reports, lists of laboratories, periodicals or publications or sources of information that might be helpful to a researcher conducting investigations of investigations.


    The IPRR is designed, in part, to be an on-line publication mechanism and library for investigation process research works. You will see a few samples posted here. Relevant theses, for example are welcome. It is an Internet research information exchange site. If you want to publish original papers or manuals or tracts, about investigation process improvements, publish them here, if they are relevant. Also, if you wish, your works can be posted here for private peer review and comment before publication.

    So, if you have something you want to get posted, propose it by contacting the Administrator by e-mail.

    Comments should be e-mailed.

    • On-line references: e-mail the URL.

    • Digitized files: contact the Administrator for instructions. (e-mail address is not posted here to avoid spammers and pfishers.

    • Paper files: preferably get them digitized and send me the file or if not possible, mail me the hard copy and I'll digitize it for posting.

    • Suggested web site reference: send me your URL

    Digitized pdf or html or .doc files can be attached to your e-mail message.