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  • A NEW SECTION containing a package of recent Investigation Lessons Learning research documents has been created at this site. It contains abstracts, papers, slide presentations, scripts, two tutorials and a list of noteworthy new insights gained during the research.(Nov 09)

    Recent research has disclosed a pressing need for structuring accident and incident investigation input data to enable improvements in lessons learning systems performance. To accelerate the development of the needed input data structure, Starline Software Ltd has donated an Open Source (LGPL) library containing source code for structuring stand-alone investigation input data, a sample of code for preparing graphic, tabular and narrative outputs from that data, and the license with the terms for anyone wishing to use the code. The Library is available http:/// For more information about this publicly available source code and potential uses, visit meslib site and the Investigation Catalyst web site at (Aug 09)

  • A paper presented in June 2009 Mishap Lessons Learned System Attributes: An Analysis discussing lessons learned during investigations in the context of a lessons learning system is now posted here, It provides system criteria from the perspectives of users and producers of the lessons, and proposes two specific actions to start the process of optimizing such systems. It should be read in conjunction with a 2007 paper Accideent Data for the Semantic Web describing reasons for the relatively poor performance of contemporary lessons learned processes, the impediments to learning they pose, opportunities for improvement, and an example of an alternative to present processes. It also is posted here. (July 09)

  • I have posted the latest "Outside the Lines" columns in the series published in the Journal of System Safety since 2005. (Apr 09)

  • An increasing number of "safety teams" with acronyms like CAST, IHST, JHSAT, EGAST,and EHSAT are reviewing accident reports to find opportunities for safety recommendations in the aviation community. See an example of an analysis guide at Accident Analysis Process for a Joint Helicopter Safety Analysis Team (JHSAT) at Why don't the original accident investigation reports provide the accident information being generated by the HSAT team? (Mar 09)

  • In a first for this web site, I am recommending that anyone engaged in investigation process research read a recent book by Sidney Dekker "10 Questions about Human Error" (ISBN 0 8058 4744 8 2005) to help you better understand the challenges facing investigators trying to get valid new human behavior knowledge from investigations. If you view investigations as a form of research project, as I view them, the Chapter discussing predictive challenges of human error research will be of keen interest. Feb 08

  • A list of investigation support software I know about is now posted at Tools>Software. Please let me know about any others I have missed, or any mischaracterizations I have shown. 4/07

  • There's now a Tutorial posted to accompany the Investigation Quality Assurance papers that were posted earlier at this site. The tutorial can be accessed from the papers. 2/07