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    Archived to 2/1/07

  • US NASA has been developing software called Investigation Organizer that might be of interest to investigators. See schematic of system. 1/07

  • Only investigation research news that has come to my attention in last several months is a Draft White Paper on Defining Operational Readiness to Investigate, a joint project of Noordwijk Risk Initiative Foundation and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Contact John Kingston through AIPRE. 11/06

  • Moved AIPRE Forums from Tropica to web site, and expanded forums. (9/06)

  • Created a new section titled "Investigation Recommendation Issues" to display papers addressing issues related to the development and implementation of proposals for changes resulting from incident and accident investigations, by either viewing copies on line, or by accessing referenced URLs. 4/06

  • Just ran across a 2001 paper by Gano titled " Effective Solutions vs Root Cause Myth" that points out some major problems with root cause analyses. His solution is a problem solving approach (start out with the problem) using a branched tree conglomerate mixing actions and conditions, which unfortunately relies heavily on experienced judgment calls, propagating the inherent problems that tree-based methods pose for investigators and investigation work product users. 2/06

  • During work on a critique of risk-oriented safety specifications, I discovered that what I consider to be a seminal paper was not available on line, so I digitized my copy of it and have posted Starr's "Overview of the Problems of Public Safety" at this site for downloading and printing (pdf). 8/05)

  • I have been informed by Dr. John Stoop that a book covering accident investigation organizations, the investigation processes and conditions, and recommendations is now available and can be ordered as follows:
    "Shaping public safety investigations of accidents in Europe" from or The price is EUR 70 for European Safety, Reliability and Data Association members, and EUR 100 for non-members excl V.A.T. (5/05)

  • William R. Corcoran has available a draft for comment of a paper Influences on Consequences: Causation, Mitigation, and Prevention and Their Dimensions, an article to clarify the understanding of what factors influence the adverse consequences of an adverse event. (4/05)

  • The research Wish List, has been updated, with some more thoughts about research needed to help support development of and formalization a new Investigation Profession for mishap investigations, by providing an investigation process knowledge base for Professional Investigators, in anticipation of a growing sense of the need for Professional Certification of some kind for Investigators. (See related paper.) See also an ethics document which might be used to aid in development of a code of ethics for Professional Investigators. (1/05)