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Launched Aug 26 1996.


The following is the original statement introducing the IPRR site.

The INVESTIGATION PROCESS RESEARCH RESOURCE (IPRR) site is a Pro Bono site established in 1966 to fill a major void in the investigation community--investigations of the investigation process. Its mission is to improve the existing state-of-the-art for investigations of all kinds. It will do this by providing a centralized interactive repository for the rapid collection and dissemination of ideas and information about investigation process research, including experimental on-line research projects. Hopefully individuals with a serious interest in improving investigation processes and work products will be willing to contribute to this initiative.

The IPRR is an initiative launched by Ludwig Benner in September 1996. Technical advisors included Ira J. Rimson, a forensic scientist in the USA and also former Editor of the International Society of Safety Investigators (ISASI) technical journal forum - the only journal that was devoted to improvement of investigation processes and performance. Frank Taylor, Director of the Cranfield Aviation Safety Centre at Cranfield University in the UK also helped, as did Dmitri Zotov, of the School of Aviation, Massey University in New Zealand. All are members of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, so the initial postings are likely to have a decided aviation accident investigation process flavor. The ultimate aim is to reach out to a much broader range of investigation researchers.

As more willing and qualified experts on investigation process research in any investigation field become engaged in this effort, they will be consulted about the site design and posting selection decisions. All postings will be in the English language until additional language interests emerge.

No fees will be accepted or requested for any postings, except for reproduction fees for copyrighted materials.

All postings represent the views of the authors who are solely responsible for the content their works.

Preliminary Measures of Success (1996)
  • The immediate success of this web site will be indicated in part by the number of site visitors, the increase in materials available for posting, and of course by contributors of site comments and supporting materials.

  • Success will also be demonstrated as material posted at this site encourages others to initiate research into the issues discussed at this site.

  • Success will be demonstrated eventually by changes in investigation processes and improved investigation efficiencies, effectiveness, work product quality, consistency and acceptance, and the improved intergenerational communication of knowledge acquired through investigations.

  • Success also will be demonstrated when the huge but presently untapped potential of investigations is realized by improved investigation perceptions, objectives, programs, and practices, including reduced controversy and litigation.

The hope is that this web site will increase awareness among all kinds of investigators about the range of new knowledge they can apply to their specific investigation needs, and opportunities to begin to realize the full value of their investigations.

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