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to advance the
State-of-the-Art of
investigations, through
investigation process

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Launched Aug 26 1996.


This site is privately funded and maintained as a public service by Ludwig Benner Jr, located in Oakton Virginia, USA.

Owner background:
The site owner has been engaged in investigation process research for over 30 years. Refer to a Background Summary and publications archives of site owner for more information about the owner.

To advance the State-of-the-Art of investigations, and support development of the knowledge base required by an Investigation Profession through investigation process research and development

To support investigation process researchers and investigation program managers with a readily accessible source of actionable information about investigation process research and findings for all kinds of investigations - safety, criminal, claims, journalistic, judicial, scientific or others.

Topics focus on investigation process research and innovation.
The site topics are being changed beginning in 2007 to adapt to new Internet capabilities that have become available since 1996. Obsolete links and references that are available on line by using search engines are being phased out. The new focus will be on assembling resources that might not otherwise be available on the Internet. Such resources will include information about investigation theory; research projects, needs, citations, and issues; investigation books, papers, presentations and standards; investigation tools like manuals, guides, tutorials and software; and reviews and assessments of relevant projects, books, manuals, software, and other published materials. In addition, an Accident Investigation Process Research Exchange is provided for the discussion of relevant materials and issues. Topics focus on investigation process research and innovation rather than statistical analyses of data produced by investigations or "causation models.".

Users are invited to help improve the state-of-the-art of investigation by sharing your needs, experiences, comments, or suggestions. If you REALLY would like to help, I am looking for "page administrators" for some of the technical pages like the Research, Library, Tools and Reviews postings. Contact me on the AIPRE.