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AAIB Denmark
AAIB Investigation Reports (UK)
AIIA Daubert Position
Air Traffic Services (ATS) Guidance Notes for Investigators
analysis, Root Cause
analysts, how they make a difference in incident investigation
ANSI Investigation Standards
ANSI home page
Aviation Archeological Investigation site for historical data.
Aviation Safety Reporting System Callback Reports


BASI Australia
basis, theoretical for investigations
Benner, L papers
Benner, L. Investigating Accidents with STEP
book reviews and comments
books, reference for investigation research
Briefs, New Zealand Aircraft Accident


cause determination
Investigating Cause
cause, problems with (editorial)
cause, inconsistencies in meaning - examples
Chicoine, H., The Warwick Explosion: A case study.
comments on investigation research papers
Computer Opacity and Autonomy
conduct, investigator, ethics
Conduct of an Accident Investigation (NRC)


data language, investigation data
data retention. investigation
Daubert applicability to fire investigations
definitions, investigation terms NRC
duties, accident review group (NRC)


editorials and comments
education and training investigation
EPA CEPPO chemical accident report list
ethics, code of, ISASI
evaluation, system safety programs - with investigations
evidence evaluation matrix in accident investigation.
experimental on-line research project description
experimental on-line research project status


FAA Office of Accident Investigation (AAI)
Finland Accident Investigation Board
Fire risks in explosives transportation (paper)
Flight Recorder Playback Center (FRPC)
format, comments about issues - sample


Glasgow Accident Analysis Group
governmental investigation organizations
guidance, for feedback/comments
guide, air traffic service investigation
guides, investigation - sources of


handbook, accident investigation - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Hidden defect, Safety Program
Horman, L, Evidence Evaluation Matrix
human decision model, accident
human factors, integrating - comments
human factors , the future in investigation, comments.
hypothesis generation


International Civil Aviation Organization Annex 13
Internet postings, comments
Internet links of research interest
Investigating Cause
Investigation data language
investigation, defining
investigation guides, MES

investigation management failures
Investigation Support Staff
Investigation tasks and techniques.
ISASI Seminar Proceedings (1996-7)
ISASI Seminar Proceedings (1995 ToC)
ISASI list of investigation links


Johnson, C. Improving Accident Reports
Johnson, W. G. Investigation Methods Useful in Safety
Junk Science



Ladkin, P (site with papers).
legislation, Canadian TSB
legislation, United States Statutes
Lekberg, A. K. paper
logic required by investigators.


management, investigation process
management, effectiveness of good safety
manuals, investigation - list of
manual, investigation, mining accidents
manual, investigation/inspection, US OSHA
manual, mishap investigation US DoD
manual, investigation US DoE
Maurino et al, Beyond Human Factors: Safety in High Tech Systems
methodological biases, undermine investigations
methodologies, investigation
model, human decision in accidents
models, accident
models, investigation
model, investigation program planning
MORT (Management Oversight and Risk Tree) investigation
multilinear events sequencing concepts


names, investigation agency
National Academy of Sciences, Grain Elevator Explosions
National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Center (NASDAC)
National Technical Information Service (US) (NTIS Reports)
needs, investigation research
newspaper articles and press releases, comments
New Zealand Appointment
New Zealand Aircraft Accident Briefs New Zealand, association investigation guide
NTSB Aviation Products
NTSB TWA 800 Hearing Exhibits and Group Factual Reports
Nuclear Regulator Commission Accident Investigation Directive


objectives, investigation, what are
objectives, change investigation
objectives, investigation (NRC)
objectives, investigation issues
objectives vs recommendations
Observation still matters
organizations, governmental investigation


paradigms, new for investigation
performance assessment, investigation process
perceptions, of the accident phenomenon.
planning model, investigation program (Readiness Tree)
policy, investigation (NRC)
Position Vacancy Announcement-air accident investigator
prevention objective for investigation
Priestly, K. Safety management effectiveness investigation


qualifications, investigator (position description)
Quality Controls for the Investigation/Prevention Process
   View Paper
   View Poster
Quality Management for Accident Investigators (2 parts)
Use of Evidence Evaluation Matrix in Accident Investigation.


RAND Research Project for NTSB 1998
recommendations, action on
recommendation development needs
recommendations, evaluating
recommendations, politicizing
recommendations, ranking
recommendations vs investigation objectives
Report format (ICAO)
research, investigation based safety management
research papers, comments
research peer review issues
research project reports
Reports, on line aviation accidents,
Reports, on line,, marine accidents
Reports, on line, highway accidents (freight)
Reports, on line, hazardous materials accidents
Reports, on line, railroad
Reports, on line, pipeline accidents
Reports, on line, chemical accidents
Reports, on line, mining accidents
reports, research project
Rimson, I. J. papers [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]
Root Cause Analysis


scoping an Investigation
Scope of an Accident Investigation (NRC Manual)
Safety's Hidden Defect: Accident Investigation
   Slide presentation script
   problem iceberg [ 1 ][ 2 ]
   investigation objectives
   scope of investigation
   methodology selection
   deliverable specifications
   uses of deliverables
   musical score analogy
   research findings
support staff, investigation
statistical analyses of investigation outputs
studies, rigging to get desired result
system safety, evaluating with accident investigations


tasks and techniques, investigation.
technology base, investigation
theory, accident investigation
training, investigation
training model, ATS investigator
TSB Canada Reports


U.S. National Transportation Safety Board


Vaughan, D. The Challenger Launch Decision
videos, investigation related

Warwick Fire and Explosion analysis
what investigators might do about the worst record in history
witness interviewing
Wood, R. Aircraft Accident Investigation
work products, investigation