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Launched Aug 26 1996.

Food for thought

Pondering ponderables

This section contains observations and views to stimulate constructive thinking about various investigation matters.

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The Illusion of Knowledge

The greatest obstacle to discovering the shape of the earth,
the continents and the oceans was not ignorance
but the illusion of knowledge

  Daniel J. Boorstin, Librarian of (US) Congress

Does the illusion of knowledge (experience) get in your way sometimes?

More Food for Thought

If you do it like you did, you're gonna get what you got

attributed to Yogi Berra

Are you truly satisfied with the effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, and value of your investigation work, or do you think maybe - just maybe - there is room for improvement?

More importantly, how does the sponsor of your work view the value of what you do?

Have you asked lately?

Notable quote : "...investigation constitutes a loop/trap for many, investigators and managers alike. One of them is the expectation that an incident will reoccur, and that it will be investigated and analysed as it was previously." Hughes Chicoine CFEI (Jan 97 E-mail)
Hmm: What does this say about the thinking behind "prevention" objectives for investigations? Ludwig Benner, Webmaster .

Notable quote : "The management of aviation operations has come under close scrutiny in recent years. As we look at the management factors that play a part in the failure of an airline to observe safe practices, we should also be aware of the failures of management that take place in the investigation process." (emphasis added) Richard B Stone, President, International Society of Air Safety Investigators, September 1996.
Hmm: How much longer will it be before Managers start looking at investigation failures as critically as Investigators look at management failures during investigations? Ludwig Benner,IPRR Webmaster Oct 1996 .

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