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Codes, Standards and Regulations

This section contains examples of codes, standards and regulations pertaining to the investigation of various kinds of accident occurrences in numerous domains, or links to them. This will help researchers access them to do comparative analysis of the relative strengths and vulnerabilities of each, and consequences of their implementation.

Codes, international
  • International Civil Aviation Organization Mauual of Aircraft Accident Investigation, 4th edition, 1970.

    • This manual provides information and guidance on the procedures, practices and techniques that can be used in aircraft accident and incident investigation. It is for sale by ICAO. I am not aware that it is available for viewing on line.

  • International Maritime Organization Code for Casualty Investigation

    • The aim of this Code is to promote a common approach to the safety investigation of marine casualties and incidents, and also to promote co-operation between States in identifying the contributing factors leading to marine casualties.

    • See to view the Investigators Manual.

Codes, National

  • National Fire Protection Association, National Fire Protection Codes and Standards, NFPA 921

    • This document is designed to assist individuals who are charged with the responsibility of investigating and analyzing fire and explosion incidents and rendering opinions as to the origin, cause, responsibility, or prevention of such incidents.


The results of an old search of the American National Standards Institute web site disclosed a number of incident and accident reporting and investigation standards published by ANSI, the International Standards Organization, the U. S. Deparment of Defense, and many others, which can provide leads to those documents using currently available web search engines. View list.


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