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Launched Aug 26 1996.

  This list of web sites offerd potential data sources for investigation process researchers before the browser search engines because ubiquitous.. Some are still active if you want to try them.

Links to other research resources on Internet sites
  1. Bieleschweig Workshops
  2. Glasgow Accident Analysis Group
  3. Junk science site
  4. List of Professional Forensic Groups
  5. Crime Scene Investigation
  6. New list of 24 Department of Energy links
  7. U S Department of Energy reference documents.
  8. New list of 24 Department of Energy links
  9. International Transportation Safety Association
  10. New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission
  11. Transportation Safety Board of Canada
  12. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
  13. Australian Tranportation Safety Board
  14. Dutch Transportation Safety Board
  15. Interfire OnLine
  16. Mine Accident Investigation Manuals.
  17. Occupational S&H Investigation Manuals.
  18. Papers and essays about investigation issues
  19. Safety Science Monitor.
  20. Aviation Safety Links.
  21. Glasgow Accident Analysis Group.
  22. Cranfield University Air Transport Group
  23. Crime Scene Procedures.
  24. US Department of Defense Investigation Program/manual.
  25. Fire Net
  26. U K Air Accidents Investigation Branch
  27. NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System
  28. ICAO resources
  29. U S National Transportation Safety Board

A brief description and link to each listed resources is provided in the following section.  

  1. Bieleschweig Workshops Several papers of interest reporting research involving investigation models at the first four Bieleschweig Workshops in Germany are available at Got to site

  2. Glasgow Accident Analysis Group Researchers are trying to improve accident analysis and reporting. Got to site

  3. Junk science site provides discussions of what junk science is, how to recognize it and what you can do about it .
  4. Professional Forensic groups
    List posted by offers researchers a list of potential sources for data about forensic investigation. Go to Site

  5. Crime Scene Investigation addresses crime scene response, evidence collection, photography and other crime investigation materials. Univ of California site. Go to Site

  6. List of 24 links to U S Department of Energy documents
    which address accident investigations. Include directives, guides, implementing documents for government, contractor, aviation, occupational and other activities. Contains both current and prior references. Go to list.

  7. U S Department of Energy reference documents.
    Site describes agency program to 1) promote the recurrence of desirable activities, or 2) preclude the recurrence of undesirable activities for all areas of DOE's business. See lessons learned program manual (PDF). Another location describes investigaiton program.. Go to site Site also has investigation workbook for DoE investigations. See workbook (

  8. International Transportation Safety Association
    This site lists web sites of 10 ITSA government safety board members, some of which are also listed below. Go to site

  9. Finland Accident Investigation Board
    Home page for the AIB of Finland. Go to site. (posted Mar 99-rev 12/04)

  10. New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission
    Site of New Zealand government investigation agency. Includes reports, recommendations and responses.. Go to site at

  11. Transportation Safety Board of Canada
    Site of Canadian government investigation agency. Includes reports, recommendations and responses. Reports, statistics, communiqués Go to site

  12. US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
    Newly launched Board to investigate and report on Chemical accidents and hazards, including reports of its investigations. Go to site at

  13. Australian Transportation Safety Board
    Updated BASI site provides an impressive list of topics, including reports of accidents for investigation researchers, indicators of performance and outcomes (in contacts section). Go to site at

  14. Dutch Transportation Safety Board
    Provides a discussion of programs and methods. Go to site

  15. Interfire OnLine
    A partnership of Federal agencies and an insurance company focused on fire invesitigation guidance and training resources. Note Investigating Wildland Fires Parts 1 and 2. Go to site

  16. U S Mine Safety and Health Administration Manuals.
    MSHA site provides access to Accident/Illness Investigation and other investigation Handbooks, on line. Look for PH00-I-5 Accident/Illness Investigations Procedures on this page. Go to page

  17. U S Occupational Safety and Health Administration Manuals .
    Information about OSHA's investigation process, including Student Manuals and Discussion/Overheads files that can be downloaded for investigation research data and analyses. Directive CPL 02-00-113 - CPL 2.113 See for example guidance for small businesses at

  18. Bielefeld University.
    Papers and essays about investigation issues, focused especially on aircraft accidents and investigations, are posted at this Bielefeld University site, including discussions of investigation logic and data presentation. Go to site

  19. Safety Science Monitor
    Site is IPSO Safety Science Monitor, tracking developments in safety research, issued yearly recently. Go to site

  20. NASA Aviation Safety Site Links
    Site has links to web sites with aviation safety resources Go to site (Last revised in 1992)

  21. Glasgow Accident Analysis Group
    Site describes university research unit and its activities. Interest in investigation growing Go to site (
    See also some very recent papers (1998) re investigations at

  22. Cranfield University
    Describes safety and accident investigation research. Go to site

  23. Crime Scene Procedures.
    The purpose of crime scene investigation is to help establish what happened (crime scene reconstruction) and to identify the responsible person. Offers on-line information that can be compared with other investigations for research purposes. Adapted from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training's workbook for the "Forensic Technology for Law Enforcement" Telecourse presented on May 13, 1993. Also has links to other Forensic sites. Go to site

  24. U S Department of Defense
    A mishap investigation manual and proposed revisions are available to researchers on-line at this source. The site provides additional information about locations of activities involved in investigations, worth browsing. ( (Go to DoD site)

  25. FIRE NET
    References describe Fire Investigations and associated materials such as Books, Courses and Computer software. Some links are American Sites. Site goal is to provide wider understanding of these investigations. Go to site (29Aug96)

  26. U K Air Accidents Investigation Branch
    This site holds information about UK's AAIB , including Formal Investigation Reports containing facts, analysis, causal factors and safety recommendations relating to a specific accident or serious incident. AAIB Bulletins, published monthly, reports contain factual accounts of accidents and serious incidents including recommendations. Accident Reporting procedures for the reporting of Accidents and Serious Incidents within the UK. Go to site

  27. NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System
    Site describes system and how to request data from system. ASRS has incident data and analysis efficiency challenges because of reporting volume. Go to site.

  28. ICAO "SARPS".
    Source for several international aircraft investigation SARPS or related documents published by the International Civil Aviation Organization Go to site

  29. U S National Transportation Safety Board.
    This site provides National Transportation Safety Board investigation report listings for transportation and hazmat accidents.

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