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Launched Aug 26 1996.

  This section contains published references to books, papers, presentations and standards that have or can influence investigation processes research efforts. Reviews of or comments about referenced works, when available, have been posted in the Reviews section of this site. Theses are posted in the Research section.


Books mentioned are selected because a) they document an investigation process, thus formalizing a methodology b) they provide descriptions of investigations of one or more accidents, c) they were recommended to me; or d) they might otherwise be useful to users of this site.


Papers mentioned are selected because the a) the report relevant investigation process research that is needed, being undertaken or has been completed; b) provide a description of how to do certain aspects of an investigation; c) they were recommended to me; or d) they might otherwise be of interest to users of this site.


Presentation mentioned are selected because a) I have time available from relevant presentations I or friends have made, b) they were recommended and provided to me; or c)I found them on the internet and they seem to me to be of possible interest to site users.


The development of investigation and investigator standards seems to be of growing interest to the international investigation, particularly among government investigative agencies, so any adopted or proposed standards that I become aware of will be referenced here for researchers.