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Video Information Sources for Investigation Researchers

This section provided a list of video recordings which describe investigation processes or elements of investigations for various kinds of investigations. The videos here are still current, but others have become available in the past few years. Use a search engine to locate "crash investigation video" sources.
Also some investigation software now has on-line demos.

Send your suggestions for additions dealing with the investigation process that should be listed here to the Webmaster

Listings do not suggest an endorsement of any kind

  1. The Mysterious Crash of Flight 201- a 30 minute video follows the field investigation of a passenger aircraft crash in a remote Panamanian jungle location. Provides researchers data to model an international field investigation process, guided by NTSB practices and personnel. Available through the WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston, MA Current

  2. Investigations - a four part video film series containing an Introduction to Investigation, Accident Investigation, Hazmat Investigation and Fire Investigation. Describes the investigation process and techniques for different kinds of investigations, from the perspective of the single field investigator. Provides researchers with data to model low-level investigation efforts by modestly trained personnel. Available from the Emergency Film Group, Plymouth, MA USA ( ) Current

  3. Accident Investigation Video Set - a four part video film set primarily for supervisors required to perform low-level industrial incident investigations. Provides a matrix-based method for analysis. Originally available from Det Norske Veritas, Atlanta, GA, USA. No e-mail address. 1997?

  4. Air safety videos featuring investigations - This is a series of at least two 1 hour telecasts observed on the Discovery cable channel in the USA, describing a number of air crashes and their investigations by the NTSB and AAIB, including quotations by investigators that would probably be of interest to serious investigation process researchers. Go to LB )Posted 8/98 )

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