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Launched Aug 26 1996.


This section contains A/V presentations whose content might be of interest to IPRR users. This is a new feature launched in 2007 and will be enlarged as more useful A/V presentations are identified and supplied or referenced. The initial posts are from materials I have developed, to provide an indication of the kinds of materials being sought. Some of the referenced materials are from commercial organization offering investigation tools for sale. Posting or referencing them her should not be construed to be an endorsement of the materials.

  • A 2010 slide presentation to the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction in Sand Diego titled Accident Investigation Data Capture and Analysis Tools describes accident investigation tools to crime scene analysts to any might be useful. The demonsration that followed disclosed several opportunities for technology transfers. View slides. (69 slides)

  • A series of presentations about Lessons Learning System issues can be accessed by clicking clicking here. (5 slide pesentations) (Oct 2007-2009>

  • A 2007 Powerpoint slideshow introducing the paper "Accident Data for the Semantic Web" presented at the 33rd ESReDA Seminar in Ispra Italy focuses on the investigation lessons learning system and its improvement. Download PC version or Mac version available. 19 slides.

  • A 2003 research report on "Investigating Investigations" was scheduled for delivery to the IRIA 2003 Conference at Williamsburg VA but the session was cancelled because of a hurricane threat. The paper is posted on this site. The slides prepared for presentation of the paper can be viewed here. 21 slides. (pdf)

  • A 1997 paper "System Safety Analysis Pitfalls" delivered at the annual System Safety Conference of a describes the problems attributed to inadeqate definitions of the systems being analyzed. It was delivered with a slide presentation19 slides.

  • A 1994 presentation on investigation quality control was accompanied by a large chart which is posted here. View paper containing poster elements or View the poster.

  • A 1991 paper "Applying System Safety to the Recommendation Process was presented with a slides. View Slides. 11 slides.

  • Accident Investigation: A Case for New Perceptions and Methodologies was a 1980 research report to the SAE, The slide presentation accompanying the paper can be viewed here. The presentation provides some new ways of resolving investigator's dilemmas. 61 slides. View slide show. 61 slides.

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