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Launched Aug 26 1996.



   Active Participation in the Experimental On-line Investigation Research PROJECT is provided primarily for investigation process researchers, students and sponsors of such research.

   To gain access to the areas of the EIR project and EIR data exchanges, including a participant mailing list reserved for active participants, and - after receipt of several qualifying contributions - a copy of all message exchanges, please submit therequest form that follows. All information will be treated as confidential.

    If you have any questions about your request for access, please address them to the Administrator via e-mail

Ludwig Benner, Administrator,

Your Request form

1. Please input your name as you wish it to be used in this section. Include suffixes indicating degrees, titles, etc. (75 characters maximum)

2. Input next the name of the organization through which you do or would perform investigation process research, or self if applicable. (90 characters maximum)

3. Why do you wish to be granted access privileges to the Active Participant sections of the Experimental On-line Investigation Research Project?

4. If granted access privileges, do you agree to honor the privacy and participation requirements of the site and any confidential or restricted information, including your own, until you request that your participation be canceled, or your participation is revoked for cause (inactivity, breach of confidentiality, misuse of information, unethical actions, etc.? (Must be answered)
Agree to honor requirements Will not commit

State any reservations here: (95 characters max.)

5. Please describe the nature of your interests in investigation process research, and any specialization in which you are experienced.

Summarize your investigation experience(s) that would help this research:

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6. In which aspects of theIPRR would you like to participate?
Experimental On-line Research data and message exchanges
Providing materials for posting
Authoring/coauthoring papers
Offering co-author opportunities
Sponsor Opportunities (sponsors only): comments
Investigation References

7 Please provide your personal contact information:

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Input mailing address data next:

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8. Would you like to provide research resources to post or reference in other areas of this investigation research web site?
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9. Please add below any other thoughts or suggestions about theIPRR site, and how the site might be changed to better serve your needs.

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10. Please described the computer system make and model, operating system, word processors you use (to facilitate file exchanges) and the internet browsers with version number that you use to access this web site <:

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After sending reply you can Go to Home page

Again thank you for your time and interest.