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Launched Aug 26 1996.


Published Investigation Papers Reviewed

This section contains reviews of investigation research-related papers published in refereed journals and conferences, which may be about research projects but are not the formal research reports.. This includes papers about the nature of the accident phenomenon and investigation processes, which are both relevant for this site's audience.

  • -Different Approaches to Incident Investigation -How the Analyst Makes a Difference, by Anna K. Lekberg, The Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI) Study report addressing whether psychologists attributed the accident causes to the technical system, while engineers attributed them to the humans. Includes commentaries. See comments

  • Integrating Human Factors: The Future of Accident Investigation by Captain Robert L. Sumwalt, III (F03396), Air Line Pilots Association, Team Leader, Working Group for Human Factors in Accident Investigation. Link to paper and comments
    .See also Ames report on Aircraft Accidents Methods of Analysis, which contains categories of "errors of pilot" for historical background information.

  • Improving Accident Reports, by C. Johnson, Glasgow Accident Analysis Group.
    View abstract.  Access paper from abstract. Hmmm. this paper also casts investigation tasks as analyst work; see comments on Lekberg paper above.

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